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Welcome to the our NEW online "New Character Generator"! Here you can begin to shape your character and prepare yourself for a whole new adventure. With so many choices available to you, it may seem daunting to begin with. However Doric's tips (Hover over this icon: )along the way will guide you as your character takes his or her's first steps into the amazing World of Alrune...
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You have up to 100 Hero Points to select your basic skills from the checkboxes below:
(Sorcery) Faith (4 Rips) - 40 Points
(Sorcery) Faith (8 Rips) - 80 Points
(Sorcery) Fate - 30 points
(Sorcery) Magic Sense - 50 points
(Sorcery) Gebo - 70 points
(Trade) Track - 20 points
(Trade) Trader - 30 points
(Trade) Ranger - 50 points
(Trade) Body Dev - 70 points
(Knowledge) Potion Lore - 40 points
(Knowledge) Numeracy - 10 points
(Knowledge) Literacy - 10 points
(Knowledge) Make maps - 20 points
(Knowledge) Bind Wounds - 20 points
(Knowledge) Rumours - 30 points
(Knowledge) Evaluation - 30 points
(Knowledge) Wisdom - 50 points
(Knowledge) 1st Level College Skill - 20 points
(Racial Skill) - ?? Points
(Racial Skill) You may choose 1st level skill for its points cost from your racial skill table :
(College Skill) You may choose a 1st level skill from your chosen college for 20 points :
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WoA - Banquet of Blood 2012
WoA - Drums of War 2012
WoA - The Samuin 2012
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